The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views RISC OS software to download from !Store Since the article mentions Aemulor, it's worth asking if the Aemulor entry is ghost written or by Spellings themselves? While the A8/A9 version is listed the similarly gratis Cortex A15 version, which came out in 2015 doesn't have an entry. RISC OS software to download from !Store Thanks for the article, Mark. I should like to clarify that since !Store hosts its own downloads, broken developer links won't mean "can't download software" which is a common problem online. This was a specific design decision, because this was/is a real problem for older RISC OS software online (see any online RISC OS software database). Can't remember the name. Thanks Bryan - it's early days yet (my A3000 won't boot) but I have been over to ROOL and got roms and an emulator up and going - just need to remember how everything worked - it's been nearly 25 years Can't remember the name. Welcome back, good luck with the code updating Can't remember the name. Sorry about zombieing this thread but I just found this forum - there were actually 4 editions - the 4th was The Anglo Saxons - I know because I wrote them all - I am now trying to revive the original code to get it running on the Raspberry Pi - it's good to know that people remember all this old software RISC OS on GitHub I have a Mercurial clone of the RISC OS Open sources, not for any particular purpose but more as a safety net in case the CVS server became unavailable. Aemulor I have a Pi3 too, although sadly it has only been used for the day job thus far, although ARMv8 compatibility is obviously high on my ToDo list for Aemulor. Aemulor It's OK for me Anyway, I plan also to test Aemulor compatibility for 32bit software not compatible with post ARMv5 hardware. Since I have a Pi3, speed is here, but I miss Aemulor. A lot. Aemulor With Aemulor on post-ARMv5 hardware there really isn't much more that can be done to increase the speed of 32-bit applications running under Aemulor without perhaps all of the work involved in building a new emulation engine, which I'm afraid just isn't feasible for free software being maintained whilst I have a day job. GMail and POP I haven't used Popstar for years, but I can confirm that I've helped a few users run Gmail via NetFetch, and have a test gmail account myself for such purposes.